We are proud to announce the release of our 25 “immortal” songs WICKED CLONE THE CINEMA MUSICAL Original Off Broadway Cast Recording (written, composed, arranged, produced, choreographed and designed by Gabriela & Mihaela Modorcea aka Indiggo Twins) in partnership with Broadway Records:

Wicked Clone Album is OUT NOW! 

Due to popular demand
WICKED CLONE The Cinema Musical
returns to the legendary
314 W 54th St, New York, NY 10019, (212) 581-3044 )

“This rare piece of visual and audio creativity was written, composed, designed, and choreographed by the Indiggo TwinsMihaela and Gabriela Modorcea.

Wildly inventive show involving singing, dancing, time-travel, film, and a symphonic soundtrack—beckons theatregoers to the underbelly of Nuevo Entertainment.

Based on their 500-page bestseller Wicked Clone or how to deal with the evil, the musical turns the tables on tradition by telling “the story of a vampire bitten by a human being.

The original storyline tracks the two: Mihaela, whose desire to be human and loved takes her to the Big Apple; and Gabriela, who ventures through time and space to return her sister to her vampiric heritage.

 As for the music, the song count hits 21from gypsy-pop to theatrical hip-hop. And the costumes: totally Transylvanian vogue.

So go for the glam, but stay for the supernatural ambience, unique staging, and, of course, the performances: immortal.”

 Griffin Miller, City Guide NY


“These twins put the super in supernatural!”

“Mihaela and Gabriela are modern Renaissance women of entertainment. They have youth, beauty, talent and versatility on their side.  Perhaps they really are vampires! They hail from a lineage of intellect and artistic prowess.                            

Wicked Clone is an insanely entertaining show. The gypsy pop tunes are catchy sung by strong, clear angelic voices. The choreography…perfectly synced with the film…and…



 “The show is directed by God and features a big production number called “I AM LIKE GOD” which invites the audience on stage to sing along. Mythology, autobiography, pop psychology.

In essence, WICKED CLONE is The Musical to see! “

Zachary Stewart, Theater Mania


“There is a Spooky, and Sexy and Thrilling off Broadway Musical called- Wicked Clone or how to deal with the evil!”  

Michael Riedel, On the Town, NY POST



To all our friends, media and press supporters who attended “WICKED CLONE The Cinema Musical” run at the legendary American Theatre of Actors, J. Cullum Theatre (314 W 54th street, NYC), 5-times a week supporting us with their heartbeat, clapping and tremedous LOVE!
There was a truly beatific, euphoric audience every single night that has impelled us to perform with love and energy above this world! We loved connecting with all of you in such strong, spirited ways!


After show, at J. Cullum Theatre of The American Theatre of Actors 
“Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical” gracing the MTA subway stations around New York, New York!

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