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© created by award-winning artists Mihaela & Gabriela Modorcea – Indiggo Twins




Mihaela and Gabriela Modorcea–American identical twin sisters born in the magical land of Transylvania a.k.a. Indiggo Twins are divinely inspired, incredibly talented, and fiercely hardworking artists.

They are multi-talented artists, hailed by the press as “The Renaissance Women of Entertainment”, “wildly inventive,” inspiring audiences to follow their greatest Purpose with their “immortal performances.”

(City Guide NY)

Indiggo Twins are the composers, writers, choreographers and performers of the highly acclaimed “Wicked Clone the Cinema Musical” – “the story of a vampire bitten by a human being” which they have performed 5 & 6 times a week off Broadway at the Davenport Theatre, St. Luke’s Theatre, the American Theatre of Actors and most recently at The Black Box Theatre of Live Nation, as seen and heard on FOX TV, Broadway World TV, Am 970, etc.

Mihaela Modorcea is the author of “Wicked Clone or How to Deal with the evil” a cinema novel, (a 500-page magic realist novel launched with Barnes & Noble ), an art bestseller that has inspired many hearts to reach their greatest destiny in Life:

“WICKED CLONE or how to deal with the evil”


→  a 500-page magic realist bestselling cinema novel

→  a long-running off Broadway musical cinema play
(“A rare piece of visual and audio creativity,” City Guide NY),

→ a cast recording cinematic album released with Broadway Records (named by theatre critic Griffin Miller “immortal”)

→  a poetry book

→ and an upcoming Musical TV Series written & created by award-winning authors/composers/actresses Indiggo Twins



After show, at J. Cullum Theatre of The American Theatre of Actors 
“Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical” gracing the MTA subway stations around New York, New York!

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