Come join our immortal birthday ball & 90 min “Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical” performance Wednesday June 6th 8 pm @ The Cutting Room NYC (44 E 32nd St. NYC)

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“This rare piece of visual and audio creativity was written, composed, designed, and choreographed by the Indiggo TwinsMihaela and Gabriela Modorcea.”

“Wildly inventive show involving singing, dancing, time-travel, film, and a symphonic soundtrack—beckons theatregoers to the underbelly of Nuevo Entertainment”

“Based on their 500-page bestseller Wicked Clone or how to deal with the evil, the musical turns the tables on tradition by telling “the story of a vampire bitten by a human being.”

“The original storyline tracks the two: Mihaela, whose desire to be human and loved takes her to the Big Apple; and Gabriela, who ventures through time and space to return her sister to her vampiric heritage.

 As for the music, the song count hits 21from gypsy-pop to theatrical hip-hop. And the costumes: totally Transylvanian vogue.”

“So go for the glam, but stay for the supernatural ambience, unique staging, and, of course, the performances: immortal.”

 Griffin Miller, City Guide NY

“Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical” gracing the MTA subway stations around New York, New York!


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