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Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical sets a new era in the history of Broadway musical theatre, breaking down cliches and imposing a new genre – the cinema musical – a blend of immersive musical theatre & film that transports the audience through time and space, raising their consciousness to a divine dimension. The story of a vampire bitten by a human being and injected with the “virus” of Inspiration, Wicked Clone is a spiritual journey of overcoming our inner and outside “wicked clone” (our ego, envy, past, fears) based on Mihaela’s Art bestselling 500-page novel “Wicked Clone or how to deal with the evil”.

“Wicked Clone” has been transforming hearts from 5-year old to 100-year old through its original healing story and epic message, powerful anthemic songs & soundtrack, fearless fairy-like dancing, epic film projections filled with history, mythology, folklore and divine love shot in Transylvania, Europe and New York.

As Donny Peterson, a beautiful parent and audience member with two daughters ( 5 year old and 7 year old ) has told us after having watched of our show: “Thank you for inspiring my daughters for a lifetime”, we would love to continue transforming and enlightening hearts through our story, music, Art cinema and dancing!

To know more about Wicked Clone’s impact on the theatrical world you can read The New York Times writer Griffin Miller’s article in City Guide NY and click the REVIEW PAGE:

We thank you so much for your generous help and belief in us and we will put our heart and soul to make each performance a unique artistic and cathartic Experience!

 Love & light, Gabriela & Mihaela/Indiggo Twins