The Story

Welcome to “Wicked Clone The Cinema Musical” – the story of a vampire bitten by a human being.

Based on the 500-page magic-realism Art bestseller novel of the same title, “Wicked Clone or how to deal with the evil”:

Identical Twins sisters born in Transylvania in 1483, now living in New York City, reveal who vampires truly are through an original epic story.

Born without a heartbeat, memories or Inspiration, Mihaela pulls her fangs out and runs from Transylvania to New York in order to love, to be a human being. Yet her “Wicked Clone” twin sister Gabriela follows her through time and space to bring her back to who she was. Mihaela’s fangs begin to reappear. However, her dream is more powerful than any fear…

A unique blend of theater and film that transports you to an immortal, Transylvanian Land of Song and Dance. The heroes of Wicked Clone step out of the screen to challenge you to get reborn!

Don’t let the wicked clone play your greatest role! Be a creator, be like God! Watch The Throne!

“The girls are the real deal. And did you know that they are real Vampires too? Imagine Dark Shadows meets Cabaret and you will start to get the picture. When their show and their album hit the streets, they are going to be unstoppable!” – Academy Award Winner, David Sonenberg,

“The twins Indiggo’ abilities as writers, musicians and performers are quite exceptional and exceedingly rare in ones as young as they both are. I believe that their versatility and talent will make them both very successful in America.” – Paul Sorvino